From the 16th century, cashew trees were brought by the Portuguese to grow in India, Malaysia and some East African countries. Today the cashew tree is widely grown in tropical Asian countries.

In Vietnam, the cashew trees were introduced into Vietnam in 1981 and originated in the Northeastern region of Brazil. Cashew trees are often grown in the southern provinces, especially those in the Central Highlands and Southeast.

Vietnam, from a country that only exports raw cashew nuts, has for many years become the largest cashew nut processing and exporting country in the world, even though developing after countries like Brazil and India.

Vietnamese cashews have always been the common pride of Vietnamese people, worthy of the words that international friends give us: “Talking of cashew nuts – THINK OF VIETNAM.”


Specifications of Cashew Kernels for Export on basic of AFI Standards

  • Number of kernels in Size designation:
    240 count per 220-240 per pound; or 485-530 per kilo.
    320 count per 300-320 per pound; or 660-706 per kilo.
  • WW (White whole): cashew kernels should be white, pale ivory or light ash gray in colour free from black or brown spots
  • SW (Scorched kernel): Characteristics should be like white whole kernels but the colour may be darker due to overheating in the process of oil dressing or drying
  • LBW (Lightly Blemished Wholes): cashew kernels may be light brown, light ivory, light ash-grey or deep ivory.
  • SB (Scorched butts): scorched kernels broken naturally crosswise. The colour of cashew kernels should be like the color of dessert whole kernels.
  • DW (Dessert kernel): Beside the general requirements, the cashew nuts kernels should have the characteristic shape. Shriveled and scorched kernels are permitted


In carton of 25 lbs net each, two bags in one carton
Net Weight: 22.68 kg
Gross weight: 23.47kg
Carton Dimensions: 445cm x 335cm x 275cm
Total: 750 Cartons/ 20’fcl
1500 Cartons/40 ‘fcl

In carton of 50 lbs net each, one bag in one carton
Net Weight: 22.68 kg
Gross weight: 23.35kg
Carton Dimensions: 332cm x 250cm x 475cm
Total: 700 cartons /20’ , 1400 cartons/40’
In tin can of of 11.34 kg net each,two tins per one carton
Net Weight: 22.68 kg
Gross weight: 24 kg
Carton Dimensions: 485cm x 245cm x 355cm
Total: 680 cartons/20’fcl
       1,360 cartons/40’fcl