Tea has become the second most popular drink in the world, after coffee. The history of the tea tree and the tea culture of the Vietnamese people have existed for a long time. Tea has developed with the Vietnamese culture in the flow of history. And it has been pointed out that Vietnam is one of the cradles of tea trees and tea drinking customs of the World.

Tea cultivation has always been the strength of Vietnam’s agriculture. Vietnam is always in the top group of tea producing and exporting countries in the World.

Appreciating the quintessence of Heaven and Earth, Vietnamese tea becomes a sacred drink of Vietnamese people and reaches out to the World.

The tropical climate and fertile land make Vietnamese tea distinctive in flavor. The innate flavor of dried tea leaves is determined by the type of cultivar of the tea plant, the quality of the plucked tea leaves and the way of process. With Happy Farmers, you are assured of the finest tea leaves, pristinely cultivated and expertly processed to produces premium teas that are complex in flavor and aroma.


Vietnam Green tea has the aroma of young nuggets with a mild acrid taste, characteristic of fresh tea buds selected from perennial tea regions. The tea petals are small, acrid, sweet, worthy of the class for tea connoisseurs.

  • Product Type: Green Tea
  • Style: Loose Tea
  • Age: over 3 years
  • Processing Type: Dried, not fermented
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Appearance:
  • Size: 3-5mm
  • Color: Green, dark green, yellowish green, bright
  • In Cup:
  • Color: Yellowish green, honey bright. perfect clear and transparent, bottom see through.
  • Aroma: strong natural aroma
  • Taste: Slightly acrid taste, sweet and strong aftertaste
  • Density: 300- 400ml/100grs before shaking
  • Moisture: 5-7%
  • Chemical test lab: as buyer’s request.
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam


Vietnam Black teas are produced in many areas that have been known for home tea “”meditation courses””. Some are located amidst immense tea forests of the very highlands. The Black tea is the high quality and whole-leaf grade which is similar in appearance but much spicier than others tea in taste because of particular fermenting and drying process. It is completely interesting for tea drinkers who like a mild and aromatic Black tea brew.

  • Product Type: Black Tea
    Style: Loose Tea
    Age: over 3 years
    Processing Type: Dried, Fermented
    Shelf Life:3 years

  • Stalks: 1%,  Color Black and brown

  • Index of leaves : no impurities
    Whole leaves: 10% Brown, 90% Black.
    Well twisted leaves 60%, Medium twisted leaves 20%, Open leaves 10%, Flaky leaves 7%, Broken leaves 3%.
    Color: Deep Black 70%, Black 20%, Deep brown 10


Standard Packing

  • In PP/Jute bags of 25kgs, 35kgs, 40kgs net each
  • Inner PE (Plastic) Bag – size: 90cm *130cm
  • Outer PP/ jute bag – size: 80cm*120cm
  • In cartons of 40kgs net each, 2 PE/Aluminum bags in one carton
  • ​Customized: vacuumed bag

Supply Abilities

  • 500 – 1,000 tons per Month

  • Minimum Order: 1 cont 20’DC FCL